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The world breaks everyone, then some become strong at the broken places.” ~Ernest Hemingway

It's really important to recognise when we need some extra support. It can also be scary and hard to admit.

I have worked with numerous clients over the years who have experienced issues with anxiety, depression and other mental health symptoms; self harm; trauma; and drug and alcohol issues.

I am clear that you are the expert on you, but that I can work with you to make better sense of your world and your story,  and think about how you can make healthy decisions to achieve the future you deserve. 

I offer all my clients empathy, discretion, humour (weird as that may sound!), and support.

I work primarily with adults, but will also work with adolescents.

Talk to me about Walk and Talk Therapy if the idea of sitting in an office is not appealing!


I understand the importance of having good support to help us check and balance as we practice. I believe that a supervisory relationship needs to be built around good rapport, trust and safety, which will allow both space and challenge.

I have completed the Certificate in Supervision Skills for Health and Social Service Professionals.

Training/Workplace Support

I can offer workshops or presentations to groups of professionals wanting to better support their staff, health professionals wishing to better identify or manage mental health and substance abuse issues, or groups of students needing to better understand the impact of substance abuse on them and those around them.

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