Some frequently Asked Questions...

How long are the sessions?


Sessions are generally an hour long. It is the therapist’s responsibility to manage time - I try to let you know when there is about 10 minutes left.


Queenstown’s a small town. I’m worried about confidentiality.


For the counselling process to work, you have to feel safe to say whatever you need to say without worrying that you’ll hear it repeated back by a neighbour or a colleague. Confidentiality is really important and you can be assured that what you say in the office, truly stays in the office. There are some limitations to this - if I think that you are at risk of hurting yourself or someone else, I can get some help. I would usually talk to you about this beforehand. 


How many sessions will I have to come for?


This is a really tricky question. The honest answer is - it depends. But I realise that’s not a helpful answer! For some people, it will just be a couple sessions to sort through an issue that you’re currently facing and develop some skills. For others, there might be more work to do. But it will always be an ongoing discussion between us about what progress we’re making, whether we are still meeting your goals, and what more we might need to do.


Are you registered with a professional body?


Yes, I am a full member of the Aotearoa Association of Social Workers. I hold a Competency Certificate from them, and am bound by their code of ethics. If you have any concerns about my practice you can contact them.


What is the environment like?


I work out of an office in Terrace Junction in Frankton. It’s a quiet office at the end of the hallway, and we’ve worked to soundproof it as much as possible. We have a kitchen available to us, so if you want a glass of water or cup of tea we can can usually rustle one up for you!


Is there a cancellation fee?


I understand that sometimes things come up. But if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice there may be a cancellation fee.