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Please note, I am currently fully booked. If you are a new client, please send me a message before making a booking so I can let you know my availability.

Re-Build Wellness; Re-discover Hope


Re-Create Yourself


ABOUT Kathryn

I love my job. I honestly believe that it is a privilege to work alongside people as they face some really tough issues, support them to build new skills and watch them flourish.

I have been in Queenstown for over eight years, and have worked as a private therapist for most of that time. Prior to that I worked as a counsellor for organisations in Auckland.

I can support you if you've realised that you're feeling​ depressed, anxious, more stressed that you'd like to be or as though alcohol or drugs are becoming a problem. 

I can also help you learn new ways to manage your emotions, or if you're feeling stuck in a relationship, or stuck in the way you feel about yourself.

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How I Can

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